quinta-feira, março 15, 2007

The Imagination Lake

don't try to touch the floor
don’t try to touch the sky
float slightly over the earth
love grab me by my hand
and take me out to fly, you know
we couldn’t be more high

I am a flyer and you my plane
undress me with your hands
erase my lake of vision with the rain
color the lake on my body with the rain

those who live on mountain tops
have bored entertainment
and if they want coffee?
and if they want some condoms?
Oh not existing god, another child has began to come
ahhh, scream with my voice
another child has began to come? ahhh

come to meet the illuminated city
condoms are a mountain top problem
here you can try sex with simplicity
follow the lake of pleasure, the lake of beauty

we are flyers and you our plane
erase the lake of vision with the rain
color the lake on our bodies with the rain
on the lake of beauty I couldn't be more high
make me understand what we want to do.

15 Março 2007

1 comentário:

Luis disse...

Acompanhas por perto os grandes escritores do passado e os do presente. Acredita, acredita em ti porque eu já acredito em ti, estás mesmo no patamar elevado de todos eles.