quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2006


if I was the voice of these people,
nobody would be able to silence me
battle your thoughts in my head so
I can speak but we'll follow our insignificant way
around the world and we'll love the man who
dresses the fighter's cape.
the end of my dreams only the rain can take away,
I never will forget what I feel about you
my dear sweetest girl. in the crowd that stifles me, my heart
always thinks your breath, the street lights reflect
your eyes in the sky and I scream your name
to let the universe feel the way I do.
love - this is your name.
21 Dezembro 2006

1 comentário:

laura disse...

comparares uma força exterior a uma interior e criar este conflito interno que será o amor, ou quem se ama ou quem se amou ou sei lá algo valorativo nos nossos actos é muito bom.*